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Sanctuary was recorded for surround in the beautifully atmospheric Cerretti Chapel in Manly, Sydney and is the pinnacle of Mir’s philosophy so far. The album is now available for download in high resolution, 5.0 surround and stereo versions.

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Available in stereo as 96kHz/24, 192kHz/24, DSD64 and in 5.0 as 96kHz/24 and DSD64 downloads

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This behind the scenes video gives an insight into the recording process and the motivation for the project.

The diagram below shows how the instruments were arranged to record Sanctuary for surround. While the sound of the ensemble in the room is completely immersive, primary instruments were kept within a forwardly centred arc of about 2 thirds of a circle to maintain a familiar frontal focus, but one which is well expanded beyond the normal stereo sound stage. Only electronic loops and effects were introduced as sonic colours from the rear, yet the music envelopes you in a realistic way.

The overall effect is like sitting just forward of the middle of the front row, yet with instruments arrayed around you at a respectable distance.

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CD’s and mp3 downloads are currently available through Gary’s site and from Birdland Records, Sydney.

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Sanctuary – a meditation on memory, identity, family and the power of regeneration

At its core it is a reflection on my experience of caring for my mother who suffered with Alzheimer’s disease. I witnessed a lifetime of memories slowly disappear from her world. It is a brutal and relentless disease for the sufferer and distressing to witness for those closest to them. My family and I sought to create a world for our mother which brought her comfort and safety. In short a sanctuary. 

During my mother’s journey my first grandchild was born. This was a profound and overwhelming experience. One of intense joy which filled me with hope and expectation for the future. Two of life’s extremes were occurring simultaneously and both were at the centre of my life. I also found myself reflecting on many other familial connections and memories from my childhood. These are the experiences which inform the music of Sanctuary.

Gary Daley – 24 February, 2015

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Gary Daley – piano and piano accordion and samples
Paul Cutlan – alto saxophone, clarinet and bass clarinet
Veronique Serret – violin
Ollie Miller – cello
James Daley – mandolin, zhongruan and vocals
Jess Green – electric and acoustic guitar and vocals
Bruce Reid – lap steel and National steel guitars
Brett Hirst – double bass
Tunji Beier – percussion

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Purchasing this music makes a contribution towards the cost of production that is shared directly by the artists involved in creating it.

You are paying for the music however, not specific file formats. So to give you maximum flexibility, for either tracks or the album, choosing:

Stereo: allows you to download audio files for all available resolutions – 44.1k/16bit wav, 96k/24bit FLAC and 192k/24bit FLAC

Multichannel 5.0: allows download of all the stereo files above, plus all 5.0 file resolutions – 96k/24bit FLAC and 192k/24bit FLAC

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