Mir Creation is not a company, it is a partnership: we are not a corporation but a cooperative group of artists with a common goal to create excellent recordings of contemporary music and performances, deliver them to a worldwide audience and return the net proceeds directly to the project creators.

While Mir seeks to complete the connection between artists, producers and listeners, its motivation is to facilitate a process that makes the creation of high quality recordings sustainable.

Mir’s approach to this is to maximise flexibility in an effort to meet the needs of all involved, and provide services and facilities in a variety of ways.

For artists:

  • Mir can provide production services for a fee in a conventional way, leaving them with ownership of the recording.
  • Mir may collaborate in producing a recording by either deferring costs to be recouped through sales, or by investing time and resources in some other way that suits the project and its creators. In these situations, as a consideration for sharing the risk, Mir may seek a share in the returns of the project.

For partners and producers:

  • Mir can provide worldwide distribution through our website and online shop, in exchange for a percentage of sales returns. For economic and environmental reasons, this arrangement covers digital downloads only at this stage.

For the listening public:

  • Mir offers releases as digital downloads in a variety of formats (stereo and surround), resolutions and file types so that listeners can choose the versions that best suits their needs. Where physical media options are available, and handled by others (as with CDs, for example, where an artist may have chosen to handle distribution themselves) Mir will provide a link to wherever those versions can be purchased.

One or more of 3 criteria are required to qualify a project for Mir involvement:

  • the project is recorded at high resolution (although it may be offered at standard resolution as a release option)
  • the project is recorded in surround (although it will normally be released in stereo as well)
  • the project is produced with the direct involvement of the Mir Creation production team.

Obviously a high resolution surround recording made by Mir would meet these criteria, but so too would a high resolution surround recording made by an independent production team, and released through Mir.

Our broad intention is to remove obstacles that otherwise block the creation of projects, and minimise hurdles that restrict the quality or scope of production.

If you have a project that you think Mir could help with or would like more information about what Mir offers contact us.