Mir (meer) Creation is a collaborative enterprise which allows musicians and recording engineers to create and distribute high quality music recordings to listeners via an online platform.

The underlying motivation for this is a passion for music. We strive to capture some of the wonderful music around us with both exceptional fidelity and detail, and a level of spatial definition and immersion that is simply not possible in standard stereo studio or live recordings. We then make these recordings available to listeners in a variety of resolutions and formats that suit their needs.

Put simply we strive to deliver recordings that do what music is supposed to do: move the listener emotionally and transport them to a new and compelling world.

If standard (CD) resolution is all that you know, to hear true high resolution recording in either surround or even more immersive formats, is to hear music reproduced like never before. It transports us with breathtaking clarity to the very centre of the music and the performance space.

Consumer playback is possible by means of downloaded files played out using software media players through headphones or hi-fi systems, and in surround through either dedicated surround or home theatre systems. Simply choose a file resolution and format that suits your system.

Mir Creation operates both as a production team and distribution label. It works in partnership with artists from pre-production through to final delivery, and returns any sales proceeds directly to the owners of the works created. Mir is essentially a cooperative, serving music creators by giving them a voice with the prospect of some return for their efforts, and interested listeners by giving them access to this music in all its beauty.

Mir uses some of the best microphones available and Pyramix systems recording at high resolution up to DXD (‘Digital Extreme Definition’, which at 352.8kHz is 8 x the sample rate of CD) to capture performances with a vibrance and delicacy of soundscape that has simply not been possible until now. An added benefit of starting with such high resolution recordings, is that even standard resolution releases such as CD made from them, sound better than if the original recording had been made at standard resolution, because much of the captured detail is preserved until the final reduction stage.

how Mir works